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Bowens Softlite Reflector for the Gemini Monolights

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    The redesigned Softlite Reflector now features a new surface finish. The original sandblasted finish has been replaced with a neutral-colored powder coating. In testing, this new coating delivers a slightly smoother finish, giving a broader spread of light without losing any of the softness that has made this light source so popular. The revised reflector range includes 14 different models of reflectors and lightshapers. Each model is constructed of a heavier gauge of aluminum than the original units for greater strength and durability. Another important enhancement to the entire line is an improved integral steel attachment ring that provides secure and safe positioning onto the flash unit. Further improvements have been made to the Wide Angle / Umbrella reflector, the Keylite Reflector and the Softlite Reflector. These impressive improvements have been incorporated without increasing the cost of ithe range. The new reflectors feature an integral mounting ring that is more rugged than the previous design and gives much greater overall strength to the reflectors, combined with a slightly heavier material. Bowen has created a reflector that it believes will be better suited to the daily rigours of the professional photographer. Additionally, Bowens has been able to create a brighter surface finish for two of the new reflectors, the Wide Angle / Umbrella Reflector and the Keylite Reflector. The versatile Wide Angle / Umbrella Reflector produces

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    Written by myersstephen3

    May 28, 2013 at 4:54 pm

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